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Our business centre is dedicated to companies competing in the business-to-business market. Our solutions and services are totally designed for supporting that purpose. Spaces are perfectly conditioned, the equipments as the technological and administrative support are finalized to facilitate the start-up of the companies with minimum investment and top quality.

Thurma staff is helpful and efficient, the environment is warm and cozy.

We do not pretend to compete on every front and for what we do we wish to meet expectations and beyond if possible.


Doing Business in Milan, Italy

Did you know?

Milan is the second-largest city in Italy with a population of 1.3 million of inhabitants, 3.5 millions including the metropolitan area. Milan is part of the so-called Blue Banana, the area of Europe with the highest population and industrial density. Every day 650.000 persons go to Milan for working or studying purposes. Milan is universally known as the fashion world capital together with Paris.

Why start in MIlan?

A dynamic and productive region

1 Lombardy is an economic success story. It contributes 20.6% of the National value added (first in Italy and fourth in Europe). It has 826,000 active companies and the fifth highest employment growth rate in Europe.


An innovative region

1 Lombardy leads the way in development: 6 science and technology parks, 182 innovative businesses, 11 CNR (National Research Council) Institutes and 267 in-house research institutes.


An international hub

1 Lombardy is an international hub and is one of the top regions in Europe for hard and soft infrastructure. It also has a modern transport system (inc. 3 international airports).


Leading the way in education

1 Lombardy stands out for the quality of its human capital and education system at all levels. It boosts 275.000 university students and 45.000 graduates.


An attractive region

 1 Lombardy is the first region in Italy for the quantity of foreign investment projects and capitals it attracts.


Business sectors

Agriculture & Food Processing The Agro-food system of Lombardy is the most prominent at Italian level and one of the most relevant in the European context.


Creative Industry Lombard enterprises reflect culture of excellence and“Made in Italy”, the so-called quality product born of creativity.


 Aerospace  Mechanics Lombardy is endowed with a solid and diversified engineering system. The region has some areas with strongmechanical and metalworking vocation; so there are 3 districts and 2 clusters (Automotive and Aerospace).


ICT&Media Lombardy has a long tradition in ICT and Media sector,moreover during the years it has knownnew development opportunities.


Life Sciences Lombardy is the first Italian region in the field of life sciences thanks to the large number of companies, facilities, human and financial resources present in the area.


Tourism Tourism is a large numbers sector in Lombardy, representing a real driving force for economic development.

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